Breast Uplift

A breast uplift (Mastopexy) is the best way to lift and shape breasts which have sagged through pregnancy, being overweight or ageing. Also known as a “boob job” this type of surgery can give a rejuvenated and much younger appearance to the body.

Exercise and diet are not always enough. Mastopexy restores fullness to the breasts giving a more youthful appearance and increasing a person’s self confidence. The surgery can be performed with or without altering the breast size depending on preference.

Breast surgery is almost always performed as a private treatment. Costs can vary and there are financial packages available allowing costs to be spread over many months. However, if there is a medical reason why breasts should be uplifted then it is possible that this may be performed under the National Health Service in Great Britain.

Before surgery a woman’s breasts may be large, heavy or saggy. She may feel that her figure has gone. After surgery, a more youthful appearance will be noticed as the breasts will be pert and firm. You can see examples of before and after pictures here.

A surgeon will remove excess skin in the area of the breast. The operation lasts around one to two hours and will be done under general anaesthetic. Tiny incisions are made around the breast area and this will allow the surgeon to move the nipple and aerola to a higher position. Any excess skin below the breasts is then removed. is the leading name in the business of cosmetic surgery. Their website gives clear information regarding various cosmetic surgical procedures. Booking a consultation with the company can be done via the website.