Buttock Implants

If your bottom is shapeless or flat, buttock implants (buttock augmentation) can help achieve a better shape and firmer feel. Depending on the result you wish to achieve, different sizes and shapes of silicone implants are inserted by a surgeon. Butt implants is a slang term used for buttock implants.

A plastic surgeon will consult with the patient regarding the shape and size of implants. The surgeon will decide on the position of the prosthesis and where the incision will be made. Implants are filled with silicone gel and feel very natural. The implants are firmer than breast implants. Benefits to the patient are a fuller figure together with an increase in self confidence.

As a general guide, the cost of buttock implants would be roughly £2,000. Costs can be discussed with staff at the clinic. The surgery is almost always carried out as private treatment.

Before surgery a patient may have low self esteem, hence the decision to proceed. Post surgery normal exercise may be resumed after about five weeks. Results are instant. You can see examples of before and after pictures here.

The procedure takes place under general anaesthetic and takes roughly two hours. A small incision is made at tail bone height between the buttocks and the implant inserted. The incision will be sutured with dissolving stitches inside the skin. Non dissolvable sutures are used on the outside.

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Procedure Guide

What are buttock implants?

Buttock implants are silicone implants which are inserted into a pocket made by the surgeon. Where they go will depend on the result you want. The implants feel very natural, cannot leak and come in a variety of different sizes and shapes.

Who might benefit from buttock implants?

Some people have flatter or drooping buttocks and others loose elasticity on their buttocks following weight gain, weight loss or pregnancy. It can be difficult to change and build up the buttock area through exercise and diet and implants are becoming more popular with both men and women to achieve a better bottom. Buttock implants will help to improve the appearance of a flat, less shapely bottom by enhancing the size and contour of the buttock area. The finished result will be a fuller, firmer bottom.

What does buttock implant surgery involve?

The operation normally takes around 1.5 hours. You will need a general anaesthetic (which means you will be asleep throughout the procedure) and will probably have to stay overnight in hospital though in some circumstances it can be performed as a day case. A small vertical incision, about 5 – 6 cm long, is made along the midline (between the buttocks) and the implant is inserted underneath the muscular tissue of the large buttock muscle. The surgeon will check that the implants are symmetrical and look natural. The incision will be closed with dissolvable stitches.

How long will it take to recover?

You will probably need to stay in hospital for a few days and take around two weeks off work. After the operation the buttock area will be swollen and slightly bruised and can be painful. Walking and sitting can be difficult. You will need to take a few days to rest and should not put any strain on the buttock area for six weeks after the procedure. You will need to sit upright with a straight back and wear support pants for up to six weeks. Initially you will only be able to sleep on your side or front. The buttock will feel tight until the skin gets used to the new shape and size.

How long will the implants last?

The implants can last anything from ten years to a lifetime though factors such as wear and tear on the implants, ageing and lifestyle can all have an effect.

Will I have a scar?

There will be a small scar which will be red for a few months. This redness will gradually disappear and become less noticeable.

What are the risks?

Having any procedure carried out under general anaesthetic always carries some risk. Talk to your surgeon about the risks of the operation and those specifically associated with buttock implants, including infection and slippage of the implant.

How much will a buttock implant procedure cost?

In the UK you will pay from around £4000 up to around £6600.