Nipple Correction

About Nipple Correction

Nipple correction is a surgical technique used to change the appearance of nipples that are inverted or enlarged. People may be born with inverted or enlarged nipples or their nipples change shape as a result of ageing, weight change or breast feeding.

Nipple Correction Results

The surgery corrects any abnormalities in the appearance or size of the nipples, making them more aesthetically pleasing. Whether the nipples are being reduced in size or their shape altered, the breasts and nipples will have a more pleasant appearance both naked and under tight clothes as a result, giving you increased confidence.

Nipple Correction Costs

Typically in the range £2500 – £4000 for both breasts.

Nipple Correction Before and After

Nipples will appear more shapely and will project outwards normally after the surgery. Any difference in size between the two will also be minimised. You can see examples of before and after pictures here.

Nipple Correction Guide

Nipple correction surgery usually takes around an hour to complete and is performed under local anaesthetic, although general anaesthetic may be used for some individuals. The surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure so most people go home a few hours after the operation is completed. The exact technique used will be tailored to the patient’s requirements. For nipple reduction, incisions may be made around the nipple to remove excess tissue. For corrections of the shape of the nipple, the nipple tissue may simply have stitches put into it to ensure that the nipple is held in the correct shape.

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