Our Process

Here are our five core steps that centre around ensuring you have the best possible quality care and attention throughout your chosen procedure. Of course there are many more small steps and processes we must adhere to when looking after patients so rest assured we have your comfort and health as our number 1 priority.

Our five steps to success:

1. The First Meeting

Make your appointment to meet one of our team of patient care coordinators and discuss how we can help you to reach your desired goals. This first consultation is aimed to explore your expectations and start to decide what type of procedure would be most suited to your requirements. This is your chance to start to get to know us and find out more about the high quality and expert service we provide. We are confident that you will leave your first meeting with a greater understanding of why we are the leading name in the field of cosmetic surgery.

2. Personal Consultant Consultation

Spend time discussing your hopes, worries and questions about your surgery with one of our highly skilled and hand-picked cosmetic surgeons. Your personal surgeon will advise you on the techniques that will be most suited to you and plan your surgery to fit with your needs. This surgeon will be with you in all the planning stages and will be in charge of your surgery on the day. We provide this service free of charge and feel that it is key to the high quality care that we provide. If you have any doubts at all or are unhappy at this stage there will be no charge if you choose not to continue.

3. Health Check Before Surgery

Before surgery we insist that everyone has a full health check with a specialist nurse. We ensure that you are fit for anaesthetics and that you are fit, healthy and ready for the surgery. This step is both important and necessary to proceed. Rest assured that we will give you full assistance, advice and recommendations at every step of the way and should there be any problem we will help you to solve it so we can continue with your care if at all possible.

4. Your Surgical Procedure

Our state of the art hospitals provide levels of comfort, hygiene and care that is second to none. All of our locations have been fully inspected to meet national and international standards. Our expert team will be with you throughout your procedure to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Your personal cosmetic surgeon and nursing specialists will also be there before the operation to answer any last minute questions, during the procedure to ensure it runs smoothly, as well as straight afterwards when you open your eyes.

5. Dedicated Follow Up

Your surgical experience doesn’t end when you go home from our hospital. Your personal surgical team will be there for you in the weeks after your surgery, checking your progress at follow up meetings and ensuring that your procedure has given you the results you want. We also provide a free of charge 24 hour patient care telephone number. Feel free to call our experts at any time to answer any questions you have, address any concerns and ensure that you are comfortable and happy with your cosmetic surgery experience..