Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is also known as Abdominoplasty and is a surgical procedure to remove excess fat and skin around the waist.

A tummy tuck will reduce and flatten your lower stomach. It will reduce your waist size and give you a slimmer body profile.

Typically the procedure costs £3000-£6000.

A tummy tuck is often used to remove excess body fat and skin and strengthen the muscles in the waist area for those who have lost significant weight or whose stomach is loose after pregnancy. The procedure may be combined with Liposuction (fat removal). Removal of excess skin and fat gives the stomach a firmer, more attractive appearance that can be maintained long term through healthy diet and exercise. You can see examples of before and after pictures here.

The surgery usually takes around two hours and is performed under general anaesthetic. Incisions are made from hip bone to hip bone across your lower stomach and another incision is used to free your naval (belly button) from the tissue underneath. The stomach muscles are stitched together and the skin stretched back over the area with any excess skin removed. Drains are often left in after surgery to remove any excess fluid from the area. Most people stay in hospital for two nights until these drains can be removed. Supportive tapes and corsets must be worn for support and to reduce swelling. Normal activities can usually be resumed in four to six weeks.

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Procedure Guide

An abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, is one of the most common and popular cosmetic procedures. The aim of the procedure is to carefully remove fat and loose skin from around the waist area. You will undoubtedly have many more queries before undergoing the surgery. We will attempt to provide some useful answers to common questions hereafter.

What does the surgeon do during the operation?

First of all, the surgeon will make a long cut across the entirety of your stomach, just above the pubic area. From here, the surgeon will proceed to make another incision to release the navel from surrounding tissue. The surgeon will go on to lift an excess layer of skin in order to access the muscles that make up the abdominal wall. These muscles are then pulled apart and stitched closer together, ensuring a tighter abdomen. Once this is completed, the surgeon will continue to remove excess tissue and skin from around the abdominal wall, finishing by neatly closing up the incisions made. With the muscles pulled into a better shape and more visible due to the removal of layers of skin and fat, the finished article should be a tight, flat and attractive tummy.

Who should get a tummy tuck?

The tummy tuck can be a great way to boost your self esteem, look and feel great. Clearly, those with excess fat around the stomach and waist will be those who are in the most need of a tummy tuck; however, caution should be exercised. Prospective patients should understand that while it is extremely rare for tummy tucks to be anything less than a complete success, there are some risks involved. However, you should not worry unduly before surgery; thousands of tummy tucks are carried out without a hitch every day and the likelihood of any problems are slim. Women who are planning further pregnancies should delay a tummy tuck until their final birth.

How will I feel after the surgery? Is there anything I need to do?

After the surgery you may feel a degree of pain, as the abdomen will be swollen. This swelling tends to remain for a few days, but can be eased with the use of painkillers. Walking itself can be tricky at first, but it rarely takes a great deal of time for patients to be happily on their feet again. Anything which reduces the strain placed on the abdomen is also a good idea. Your surgeon will ensure you book in for regular follow up sessions in the weeks after the operation. The recovery process is not easy, nor is it immediate, but it is definitely manageable. Heed the advice of your surgical practice after your procedure is completed and you should make a full recovery, normally within 6 weeks.

I want a tummy tuck- How do I go about getting the surgery?

If you are sure a tummy tuck is right for you and you are fully informed on the procedure, you should book in an appointment with your surgery to discuss treatment. The surgeon will make a decision as to whether you are suitable for surgery or not and will outline the procedure, much as in this article and answer any worries or concerns you may have. Be sure to ask the surgeon anything you wish to know; they will be more than happy to help and it is imperative that you are knowledgeable about the procedure and the recovery process before you book yourself in. From here, it should not be long before the operation can be scheduled.